The Band So Yesterday. 4 Piece Covers Band In Essex In The UK

Live Music For Charity Events

So Yesterday is an experienced covers band based in Essex in the UK who play a select number of charity gigs each year.

If you are planning a charity event in the Chelmsford/Witham/Braintree areas and would like live music please, read on…

The Burning Question…

How much do we charge?

We don’t – not for registered charities 🙂

All we ask is for a contribution to cover our costs (van hire and petrol) and some complimentary tickets so that a few of our friends and family members can attend.

Are We Any Good???

We met and formed our first band together in the 80s and have been playing together and in other bands ever since. Without blowing our own trumpet, we have a chemistry which only friends of over thirty years can have.

Audiences like what we do – we encourage you to listen to our demos to draw your own conclusions.

What Songs Do We Play?

We play popular songs from across the decades, the majority of which are lively and upbeat with a few slow songs for those that like a smooch.

You are welcome to browse our guide play list.

How Long Do We Play For?

We perform for up to 2.5 hours with a short break in the middle.

And if you’re holding a raffle at the event, we’ll be very happy to call the numbers for you!

What We Ask of You

Your charity event will need to be in the Chelmsford/Braintree/Witham area, preferably on a Saturday night.

Our extensive experience has shown that these types of events work extremely well in village/school halls, especially if there is a stage.

You would organise the event, book the venue, promote the event and sell the tickets.

And, if you decide to book us, we ask that you honour the booking.

We only play a select number of charity gigs each year, spend a lot of time preparing, and genuinely look forward to performing, so a last-minute cancellation would be extremely disappointing for us.

What Next?

If you would like So Yesterday to perform at your charity event please, contact us using the form below.

We will then confirm our availability for you so that a firm date can be put in all our diaries.

Thank you for your interest – we hope to hear from you soon.

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